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    Blocked drains in Dandenong

    Blockages can happen due to debris build-up or structural damage in drain pipes. As experienced plumbers, we can handle all types of blocked drains in Dandenong. We recommend keeping an eye out for the signs and calling us immediately if there’s a problem. Our experienced team here at Dandenong Local Plumber can handle all kinds of blockages from minor clogs to deep tree root invasions efficiently.

    Blocked Drains Dandenong

    As local plumbers who have been a part of this community for more than 25 years, we know what clients need. Our Dandenong blocked drain service starts at $69, and our pricing is straightforward. Here’s a look at what we do:

    • Our technician will carefully inspect the drain to identify the location and severity of the problem.
    • They will then provide a detailed quote that explains all of the expenses clearly. There will be no hidden costs or exemptions in the quote.
    • We offer free CCTV camera inspection with every drainage services. This technology allows us to inspect the drain pipes from within and get a clear view of the problem.
    • Once we understand what needs to be done, we will recommend effective solutions. The repairs can range from simple blocked drain cleaning in Dandenong to pipe relining in case there is damage to the pipes.

    Our team is always open and honest with clients. They will the problem in detail and only recommend repairs or replacements if you genuinely need them.

    Signs of Blocked Drains in Dandenong

    It is a good idea to address blocked drains quickly because that can help reduce property damage. As experienced plumbers, we encourage clients to look out for the signs mentioned below:

    • Slow draining sink or bathtub
    • Gurgling noises from the drain
    • Strong odours emitting from the drain
    • Back-up in toilets
    • Dampness and water damage around drains

    All of these signs indicated blocked drains, and they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Ignoring blocked drains can lead to massive back-ups, flooding, and water damage.

    If you want to know more about our blocked drain service in Dandenong, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dandenong Local Plumber by calling 0488 849 029 or using our contact form.

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